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Problem 2.12-9 The structure shown in the figure consists of a horizontal rigid bar ABCD supported by two steel wires, one of length L and the other of length 3 L /4. Both wires have cross-sectional area A and are made of elastoplastic material with yield stress s Y and modulus of elasticity E . A vertical load P acts at end D of the bar. (a) Determine the yield load P Y and the corresponding yield displacement d Y at point D . (b) Determine the plastic load P P and the corresponding displacement d P at point D when the load just reaches the value P P . (c) Draw a load-displacement diagram with the load P as ordinate and the displacement d D of point D as abscissa. Solution 2.12-8 Rigid bar supported by wires 176 CHAPTER 2 Axially Loaded Members (a) Y
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