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Problem 2.12-10 Two cables, each having a length L of approximately 40 m, support a loaded container of weight W (see figure). The cables, which have effective cross-sectional area A 48.0 mm 2 and effective modulus of elasticity E 160 GPa, are identical except that one cable is longer than the other when they are hanging separately and unloaded. The difference in lengths is d 100 mm. The cables are made of steel having an elastoplastic stress-strain diagram with Y 500 MPa. Assume that the weight W is initially zero and is slowly increased by the addition of material to the container. (a) Determine the weight W Y that first produces yielding of the shorter cable. Also, determine the corresponding elongation Y of the shorter cable. (b) Determine the weight W P that produces yielding of both cables. Also, determine the elongation P of the shorter cable when the weight W just reaches the value W P . (c) Construct a load-displacement diagram showing the weight W as ordinate and the elongation of the shorter cable as abscissa. (
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