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Clearance = c L P TBT B T Problem 2.12-11 A hollow circular tube T of length L 5 15 in. is uniformly compressed by a force P acting through a rigid plate (see figure). The outside and inside diameters of the tube are 3.0 and 2.75 in., repectively. A concentric solid circular bar B of 1.5 in. diameter is mounted inside the tube. When no load is present, there is a clearance c 5 0.010 in. between the bar B and the rigid plate. Both bar and tube are made of steel having an elastoplastic stress-strain diagram with E 5 29 3 10 3 ksi and s Y 5 36 ksi. (a) Determine the yield load P Y and the corresponding shortening d Y of the tube. (b) Determine the plastic load P P and the corresponding shortening d P of the tube. (c) Construct a load-displacement diagram showing the load P as ordinate and the shortening d
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