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Solution 3.3-2 Torsion of a drill bit Problem 3.3-3 While removing a wheel to change a tire, a driver applies forces P 5 25 lb at the ends of two of the arms of a lug wrench (see figure). The wrench is made of steel with shear modulus of elasticity G 5 11.4 3 10 6 psi. Each arm of the wrench is 9.0 in. long and has a solid circular cross section of diameter d 5 0.5 in. (a) Determine the maximum shear stress in the arm that is turning the lug nut (arm A). (b) Determine the angle of twist (in degrees) of this same arm. Solution 3.3-3 Lug wrench SECTION 3.3 Circular Bars and Tubes 185 d 5 4.0 mm T 5 0.3 N ? m G 5 75 GPa (a) M AXIMUM SHEAR STRESS From Eq. (3-12): t max 5 23.8 MPa t max 5 16(0.3 N ? m) p (4.0 mm) 3 t max 5 16 T p d 3 (b) R ATEOF TWIST
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