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Pure Shear Problem 3.5-1 A hollow aluminum shaft (see figure) has outside diameter d 2 4.0 in. and inside diameter d 1 2.0 in. When twisted by torques T , the shaft has an angle of twist per unit distance equal to 0.54°/ft. The shear modulus of elasticity of the aluminum is G 4.0 10 6 psi. (a) Determine the maximum tensile stress max in the shaft. (b) Determine the magnitude of the applied torques T . Solution 3.5-1 Hollow aluminum shaft SECTION 3.5 Pure Shear 209 L d 2 d 1 d 2 T T d 2 d 1 T T d 2 4.0 in. d 1 2.0 in. 0.54 /ft G 4.0 10 6 psi M AXIMUM SHEAR STRESS max Gr (from Eq. 3-7a) r d 2 /2 2.0 in. max (4.0
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