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Unformatted text preview: LVE FOR TORQUE T 2GIPgmax d2 2(11.5 106 psi)(1.07379 in.4 )(340 2.0 in. 10 6 ) 4 1.07379 in.4 SHEAR STRAIN (FROM EQ. 3-33) max 2emax 340 10 6 SHEAR STRESS (FROM TORSION FORMULA) tmax Also, Tr IP max 4200 lb-in. Td2 2IP G max Problem 3.5-6 A solid circular bar of steel (G 78 GPa) transmits a torque T 360 N m. The allowable stresses in tension, compression, and shear are 90 MPa, 70 MPa, and 40 MPa, respectively. Also, the allowable tensile strain is 220 10 6. Determine the minimum required diameter d of the bar....
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