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Unformatted text preview: A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to SECTION 3.10 Thin-Walled Tubes remove the watermark Problem 3.10-11 A tubular aluminum bar (G 4 106 psi) of square cross section (see figure) with outer dimensions 2 in. 2 in. must resist a torque T 3000 lb-in. Calculate the minimum required wall thickness tmin if the allowable shear stress is 4500 psi and the allowable rate of twist is 0.01 rad/ft. 251 t 2 in. 2 in. Solution 3.10-11 t Square aluminum tube THICKNESS t BASED UPON SHEAR STRESS t 2 in. T 2tAm tAm in. t) 2 1 b T 2t in. t(b T t) 2 lb-in. 1 3 in. 3 T 2t psi UNITS: t t(2.0 in. 2 in. 3000 lb-in. 2(4500 psi) 0 0.0915 in. 3t(2 t) 2 Outer dimensions: 2.0 in. G T allow Solve for t: t 2.0 in. 106 psi THICKNESS t BASED UPON RATE OF TWIST u T GJ T Gt(b t) 3 in. t) 3 G (4 9 10 b 4(b t(b t t) t) 3 4 t(b psi 6 t) 3 3000 lb-in. 4500 psi 0.01 rad ft 0.01 rad in. 12 T Gu UNITS: t t(2.0 in. rad/in. uallow Let b 3000 lb-in 10 psi)(0.01 12 rad in.) outer dimension 2.0 in. 10t(2 t) 3 9 Centerline dimension Am J (b 4tA2 m Lm t)2 4t(b 4(b Lm t) 4 t) 0 Solve for t: t 0.140 in. ANGLE OF TWIST GOVERNS tmin 0.140 in. ...
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