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Problem 4.3-7 The beam ABCD shown in the figure has overhangs at each end and carries a uniform load of intensity q . For what ratio b/L will the bending moment at the midpoint of the beam be zero? Solution 4.3-7 Beam with overhangs 262 CHAPTER 4 Shear Forces and Bending Moments q b b L D A BC From symmetry and equilibrium of vertical forces: R B 5 R C 5 q ¢ b 1 L 2 Free-body diagram of left-hand half of beam : Point E is at the midpoint of the beam. Solve for b / L : b L 5 1 2 2 q ¢ b 1 L 2 ¢ L 2 1 q ¢ 1 2
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