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Problem 4.3-9 A curved bar ABC is subjected to loads in the form of two equal and opposite forces P , as shown in the figure. The axis of the bar forms a semicircle of radius r . Determine the axial force N , shear force V , and bending moment M acting at a cross section defined by the angle . Solution 4.3-9 Curved bar 264 CHAPTER 4 Shear Forces and Bending Moments P P P C B A O r A V N M M Nr Pr sin u © M O 0 M Nr 0 V P cos u F V 0 R a V P cos u 0 N P sin u © F N 0 Q b N P sin u 0 P P P C B A O r A V N M O P cos P sin B Problem 4.3-10 Under cruising conditions the distributed load acting on the wing of a small airplane has the idealized variation shown in the figure. Calculate the shear force V and bending moment M at the inboard end of the wing. Solution 4.3-10
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