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Problem 4.3-14 The simply-supported beam ABCD is loaded by a weight W 5 27 kN through the arrangement shown in the figure. The cable passes over a small frictionless pulley at B and is attached at E to the end of the vertical arm. Calculate the axial force N , shear force V , and bending moment M at section C, which is just to the left of the vertical arm. ( Note: Disregard the widths of the beam and vertical arm and use centerline dimensions when making calculations.) Solution 4.3-14 Beam with cable and weight SECTION 4.3
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Unformatted text preview: Shear Forces and Bending Moments 267 A E D C B W = 27 kN 2.0 m 2.0 m 2.0 m Cable 1.5 m R A 5 18 kN R D 5 9 kN Free-body diagram of pulley at B A E D C B 27 kN 2.0 m 2.0 m 2.0 m Cable 1.5 m R A R D 27 kN 21.6 kN 10.8 kN 27 kN Free-body diagram of segment ABC of beam © M C 5 0: Ê M 5 50.4 kN ? m © F VERT 5 0: Ê V 5 7.2 kN © F HORIZ 5 0: Ê N 5 21.6 kN (compression) A N M C B 21.6 kN 2.0 m 2.0 m V 10.8 kN 18 kN A-PDF Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to remove the watermark...
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