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Unformatted text preview: 278 A-PDF Shear Forces and Purchase from CHAPTER 4 Split DEMO : Bending Moments www.A-PDF.com to remove the watermark Problem 4.5-18 A simple beam AB is loaded by two segments of uniform load and two horizontal forces acting at the ends of a vertical arm (see figure). Draw the shear-force and bending-moment diagrams for this beam. 4 kN/m A 1m 8 kN 2m 2m 8 kN 1m 4 kN/m B 2m 2m Solution 4.5-18 4 kN/m A Simple beam 16 kN . m 4 kN/m B V (kN) 0 6.0 1.5 m 2.0 10.0 12.0 4.5 2m RA = 6 kN 2m 2m 2m RB = 10 kN 16.0 M (kN . m) 0 1.5 m 4.0 Problem 4.5-19 A beam ABCD with a vertical arm CE is supported as a simple beam at A and D (see figure). A cable passes over a small pulley that is attached to the arm at E. One end of the cable is attached to the beam at point B. The tensile force in the cable is 1800 lb. Draw the shear-force and bending-moment diagrams for beam ABCD. (Note: Disregard the widths of the beam and vertical arm and use centerline dimensions when making calculations.) E 1800 lb Cable A B C D 8 ft 6 ft 6 ft 6 ft Solution 4.5-19 Beam with a cable E 1800 lb Free-body diagram of beam ABCD 1440 1800 1440 5760 lb-ft C 1080 800 720 D 800 Cable 1800 lb A B C D 8 ft 1800 A B 6 ft RD = 800 lb 6 ft 6 ft RD = 800 lb 640 Note: All forces have units of pounds. 4800 M 0 (lb-ft) V (lb) 0 960 4800 800 800 ...
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