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284 CHAPTER 4 Shear Forces and Bending Moments Problem 4.5-30 A simple beam AB supports two connected wheel loads P and 2 P that are distance d apart (see figure). The wheels may be placed at any distance x from the left-hand support of the beam. (a) Determine the distance x that will produce the maximum shear force in the beam, and also determine the maximum shear force V max . (b) Determine the distance x that will produce the maximum bending moment in the beam, and also draw the corresponding bending- moment diagram. (Assume P 5 10 kN, d 5 2.4 m, and L 5 12 m.) Solution 4.5-30 Moving loads on a beam (a) Maximum shear force By inspection, the maximum shear force occurs at support B when the larger load is placed close to, but not directly over, that support. (b) Maximum bending moment By inspection, the maximum bending moment occurs at point D , under the larger load 2 P . V max 5 R B 5 P ¢ 3 2 d L 5 28 kN x
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