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Problem 5.5-6 A freight-car axle AB is loaded approximately as shown in the figure, with the forces P representing the car loads (transmitted to the axle through the axle boxes) and the forces R representing the rail loads (transmitted to the axle through the wheels). The diameter of the axle is d 5 80 mm, the distance between centers of the rails is L , and the distance between the forces P and R is b 5 200 mm. Calculate the maximum bending stress s max in the axle if P 5 47 kN. Solution 5.5-6 Freight-car axle SECTION 5.5 Normal Stresses in Beams 291 d d b b A PP R R L B Diameter d 5 80 mm Distance b 5 200 mm Load P 5 47 kN M max 5 Pb Ê S 5 p d 3 32 M AXIMUM BENDING STRESS Substitute numerical values: s max 5 32(47 kN)(200 mm) p (80 mm) 3 5 187 MPa
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