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Unformatted text preview: 298 A-PDF Stresses in Beams (Basic Topics) CHAPTER 5 Split DEMO : Purchase from www.A-PDF.com to remove the watermark Problem 5.5-16 Determine the maximum tensile stress t and maximum compressive stress c due to the load P acting on the simple beam AB (see figure). Data are as follows: P 5.4 kN, L 3.0 m, d 1.2 m, b 75 mm, t 25 mm, h 100 mm, and h1 75 mm. t P A d B h h1 L b Solution 5.5-16 Simple beam of T-section t P A d B c2 RA L RB b c1 C h1 h P b d 5.4 kN 75 mm 1.2 m L t h 3.0 m 25 mm 100 mm h1 75 mm MAXIMUM BENDING MOMENT Mmax RA(L d) RB(d) 3888 N m MAXIMUM TENSILE STRESS st Mmax c2 IC 43.9 MPa MAXIMUM COMPRESSIVE STRESS sc Mmax c1 IC 73.2 MPa (3888 N m)(0.0625 m) 3.3203 106 mm4 PROPERTIES OF THE CROSS SECTION A c1 IC 3750 mm2 c2 37.5 mm (3888 N m)(0.0375 m) 3.3203 106 mm4 62.5 mm 3.3203 106 mm4 REACTIONS OF THE BEAM RA 2.16 kN RB 3.24 kN Problem 5.5-17 A cantilever beam AB, loaded by a uniform load and a concentrated load (see figure), is constructed of a channel section. Find the maximum tensile stress t and maximum compressive stress c if the cross section has the dimensions indicated and the moment of inertia about the z axis (the neutral axis) is I 2.81 in.4 (Note: The uniform load represents the weight of the beam.) 200 lb 20 lb/ft B 5.0 ft y z C 3.0 ft A 0.606 in. 2.133 in. ...
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