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Unformatted text preview: Quiz # 7 (8 questions) 45 seconds per question 08:55 1. An artesian well is a well that: a) b) c) d) e) is dry because it is too shallow is drilled into an unconfined aquifer is drilled into a confined aquifer is drilled into an aquiclude will only produce water if pumped 08:55 2. A sinkhole is: a) an erosional feature in the bed of a river produced by pebbles whirling in a vortex b) a sedimentary basin produced by flexure of the crust adjacent to a mountain belt c) a section of a river where groundwater is being recharged d) a depression produced by the collapse of a cave roof 08:55 3. A point bar is: a) a landslide that forms a natural dam across a river b) a deposit of sand formed on the inside bend of a meander c) a channel on the surface of a delta d) an impermeable layer of rock e) a deposit of sediment formed on both sides of a river during the flood stage 08:55 4. Which of the following features is not characteristic of the high flow regime in a stream? a) b) c) d) Suspended load Plane or undulating bedform Laminar flow Standing waves 08:55 5. Which of the following factors were important in causing the Turnagain Heights landslide in Alaska? a) A water-saturated sand layer in the subsurface b) Weak clay layers in the subsurface c) Steep slope down to sea level d) Triggering by an earthquake e) All of the above 08:55 True-False 6. Soil creep is an important mechanism of erosion in humid climates TRUE 08:55 True-False 7. Porosity is a measure of how easily water can flow through a rock FALSE 08:55 True-False 8. Caves can be formed by the dissolution of limestone by rain-water. TRUE 08:55 ...
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