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précis Omi Winant

précis Omi Winant - Prcis for Omi Winant Article 1 In...

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Précis for Omi & Winant Article 1. In the article, Omi and Winant investigate racial formation by analyzing the definition of race, historically as well as its changes. Pointing out that race is a historical process, the authors stress the fact that race is most affecting through its relationship between social conflicts and physical characteristics. Next the authors discuss racial formation, defining it as “a process of historically situated projects in which human bodies and social structures are represented and organized” (55-56). They then continue setting up the basis of their argument by defining a racial project as “an interpretation, representation, or explanation of racial dynamics, and an effort to reorganize and redistribute resources along particular racial lines” (56). Next they consider how racial formation is affected by social process and politics. They then look at the historical developments of racism especially focusing on the European and conquest age definitions. After that, they talk about racism in different political pillars. These pillars are
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