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AMST_Midterm_exam - local community experiences in Los...

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AMST 101gm:  RACE AND CLASS IN LOS ANGELES Midterm Take-Home Exam Please answer one (1) of the following questions.  I expect your responses to be  substantial, clearly argued, well-written, and well-documented essays that  employ the assigned readings and class lectures.  Please cite the readings and do  not use outside sources.   Papers should be typed, double-spaced, ranging  between 6 - 8 pages. 1.  How did homeownership or lack of homeownership come to define different 
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Unformatted text preview: local, community experiences in Los Angeles in the early 20 th century? Look at three racial/ethnic groups across texts to support your answer. “For me this is the story of life, because without land we are nothing” “Food Not Warehouses. Green = Oxygen. Families over developers.” have slipped under the radar of many Americans due to the lack of coverage these forms receive within the geographical literature that informs America. Consequentially,...
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