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AMSTnotes - companies LA begins to be the “white” city...

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Two Parts of Racialization 1. Structural 2. Cultural Dimension Structural : government, state-power, institutionalize the violence, systems, badges, depict cultural representation, “naturalize” citizens (limited to white people, Jim Crowl Laws, housing, mobility). Crimilization : an assumption because of your physical traits be considered criminals and surveillance. Capitalism in Southern California Concentration of massive tracts of land in the hands of a few, including Railroad
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Unformatted text preview: companies. LA begins to be the “white” city Because of the cheap labor, factories begin to be built and industries grows in LA (Automobile, Tire, etc.) Great Depression Effects 1910: beginning of the Mexican Revolution (Disrupts the economy) Corporate interest in cheap labor by building the railroad Generated more migration Growth of border towns-Pancho Via and others...
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