CTCS_SoundDesign - Sound Design Why film was neglected from...

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Sound Design 9/20/09 3:32 PM Why film was neglected from the beginning: 1 st Argument Film is a visual medium….not verbal? Sound design is not entirely aural. 2 nd Argument- against sound sound would destroy the art form of film 3 rd Argument- We all experience seeing a movie, but not hearing a movie 4 th argument- it is difficult to analyze sound design in a film Film was never “silent” orchestras Barkers who would approximate what actors were saying some houses employed sound effects people Allafax – sound machines employed Verbal: dialogue - off-screen voice- someone who speaks off-screen narrator authoritative voice singing music comes from a source on screen underscoring- what characters don’t hear but audience does. Music composite original melongeé source is it appropriate in tone?
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is it suitable in length? is it properly placed? Sound Effects: natural sound – rain/wind Silence- Not a negative quality in a motion picture: very positive used at climaxes often Sound Design (1979)- came in late by Francis Ford Copolla wishing to create a war scene with accurate sound design for the film. Synchronized sound: causal relation between sound and image
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CTCS_SoundDesign - Sound Design Why film was neglected from...

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