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CTCS_Temporal - Temporal Drew Casper's concern substitute...

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Temporal 9/20/09 3:31 PM Drew Casper’s concern: substitute: Straw Dogs – The Wild Bunch 3,4,5 spatial elements of movies Temporal Dimension of the beginning middle and end: Spatial organization is the decision of the director and editor. Begin when the content and the intensity curve begins to rise How to speed up spatial organization? Have the actor say a line faster than normal Setting: DYNAMIC movement makes things move faster than normal. Composition: the camera shot type(LS, MS,CU etc.) Angle Thesis: That time and space are reciprocal By changing space we are able to change time How many spatial orgs are there in an avg movie about 1500 or 1600 of these spatial organizations The basic org of a spatial organization is called a shot. 2-5 thousand spatial org changes in a moves A series of successive shots : scenes Series of Scenes: Sequence Sunset Boulevard: XLS of Chinese Theater: first shot First Scene: evertyhign up to flashback First Sequence: When Gene Kelly meets the girl. Most shots are from 1-10 secs Long take: movement in a sho changes but the take is uncut The relationship between shots: movement within the frame: Camera movement: Changes pace- many shots = faster
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creates rhythm – we experience rhythm within ourselves polyrhythm inside of ourselves and outside of ourselves
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