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CTCS_Visual Design - Visual Design CTCS-190 Notes: Code of...

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Visual Design 9/20/09 3:30 PM CTCS-190 Notes: Code of visual design Elements of visual design Costume Hair/makeup Décor: set dressing, set, prop Photography: comes from two greek words meaning light and write: Thus a photographer is one who writes with light. Lighting: Technique: 3 point lighting system: o key light : Main light o fill light : fills in shadows for key light o back light : light from behind subject Light from underneath: ominous and threatening. Light from side: going to pronounce features of face. Light from back: It creates depth for her ad makes her seem most beautiful. All light from front: flattens features. Painter whose name is most often synonymous with back lighting: Rembrant Quantitiy of light: amount/degree of intensity of light within a scene High key: softens and smooths the face. Low key light: great contrast between shadows and face. Geriscordo: The scattering of light and dark
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Hard/harsh light: shadows with sharp edges and many details. EXAM QUESTION: High key or low key? “Never ever enter a room without a dimmer switch” -Drew Casper Resolution of the image: Sharpness of the image as created by guage. Has to do with film stock. Two types: fast and slow Fast stock: film that is highly sensitive to light which created a higher grain (verdict) Slow stock: insensitive to light and requires a large amount of artificial lighting. This makes for a sharper image. Guage
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CTCS_Visual Design - Visual Design CTCS-190 Notes: Code of...

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