StarryNight - Sta rr y Ni ght Ex er cis e s A str o nom y...

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Starry Night Exercises Astronomy 100 Dr. Warner Note: These are intended as voluntary supplementary exercises, and not as mandatory homework: These exercises are not to be submitted for grading. The idea is to reinforce and supplement the material presented in lectures and in the Lab exercise. There will be one or two Starry Night exercises on the formal homework that you will ultimately submit for grading, and so it is at least a good idea to install, register and familiarize yourself with the Starry Night program. You do not need to follow every step of these instructions: It would take a lot of time to do everything suggested here. The whole purpose here is to familiarize yourself with and with its possibilities. Getting started: Install Starry Night Enthusiast on your computer and follow the registration instructions. If you have problems then call the technical support 800 number on the CD label. Start the program. It will ask you your viewing location and set it to Los Angeles, CA. You should then get a view, facing south, at the date and time of your computer’s clock. To verify or change the location, go to the “Options” menu and select “Viewing Location.” A panel appears and you can set your location from the list or by selecting “Map” and clicking on the map. When you have set the location to Los Angeles then click “Set Location,” and wait a few seconds until the program settles you on the new location. Now look at the top of the main window: there is a control bar. There will be the “Home” button, your location, the time and date, a Time Flow Rate window and below it there is a set of
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StarryNight - Sta rr y Ni ght Ex er cis e s A str o nom y...

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