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Fried Chicken Homework STOR 112 60 points written work + 40 points computer work 1. (60 points) You are planning a big party to watch the UNC vs. Duke game, and you want to pick up some delicious fried chicken. You go to Carolina Fried Chicken (CFC), and they tell you there are two types of chicken buckets: Regular buckets, which have 12 wings and 3 drumsticks, and Deluxe buckets, which have 12 wings and 8 drumsticks. Regular buckets are $6 and Deluxe buckets are $10. Your know you will need to have at least 180 pieces of chicken to keep your friends from
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Unformatted text preview: being hungry. • Your roommate loves drumsticks, and she insists the number of drumsticks shouldn’t be less than half the number of wings. How many of each type of bucket should you buy to spend the least amount of money? (a) Write down the variables, objective function and constraints. (b) Graph the feasible region. (c) Identify the extreme points. (d) Find the objective value at each corner point. (e) Solve the problem in Excel. (f) Interpret your solution. 2. (40 points) Submit your excel file on Blackboard. 1...
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