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Transportation Homework STOR 112 70 points written work + 30 points computer work and Kentucky to four generating plants in North Carolina. The following table lists the supplies of coal available at the three mines (in tons) and the demands for coal at the four generating plants (also in tons) and the shipping cost from each mine to each plant (in dollars per ton). The 3-by-4 table lists the shipping cost from any of the mines to any of the plants. Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 3 Plant 4 100 75 45 80 MINES Mine 1 120 $24 $30 $27 $32 Mine 2 85 $29 $19 $21 $36 SUPPLIES Mine 3 125 $26 $29 $20 $18 SHIPPING COSTS (per ton) does not exceed the supply, the amount shipped to each plant meets the demand, and the total
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Unformatted text preview: shipping cost is minimized. 1. (20 points) Formulate a linear program to determine the optimal shipping schedule. Solve it with Excel. To check your work: in a correct solution Mine 1 ships ONLY to Plant 1. 2. (20 points) Interpret the solution. In other words, state the optimal shipping plan, and how much it will cost. 3. (20 points) The mining company wants to know if there are any mines where they could decrease supply while still meeting all the demand. If there are some mines, list them and explain mathematically why this is the case; otherwise, show mathematically that there are none. 4. (10 points) Explain how this LP formulation is reminiscent of the formulation of the JetGreen in-class problem. 5. (30 points) Submit your Excel file on Blackboard. 1...
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