syllabus - History 140 The World since 1945 Fall 2009, MWF...

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History 140 The World since 1945 Fall 2009, MWF 11:00 am, MU 116 Prof. M. Fletcher; Contact Information: Tele: 962-5577; email: Teaching Assistants: Andrew Haeberlin, Ned Richardson-Little, and Patrick Tobin Discussion Leader_________________ Office Hours_____________________ Office_____________________________ Email___________________________ Purpose : This course examines important events and developments in world history since 1945. We will cover significant trends within nations, in international relations, and in transnational interactions. Although a semester permits coverage of only a few topics, we can gain an understanding of some major forces that have shaped the post-1945 world and that continue to influence our lives today. The topics include World War II; the Cold War, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the Islamic Revolution in Iran, conflict in the Middle East, terrorism, decolonization, the struggles of developing nations to attain stability and prosperity, the "rise" of Asia, the forces of integration and division in Europe, and the impact of “globalization.” Some important themes that pertain to many of the topics that we will study are the impact of nuclear weapons on war and diplomacy, the sources of international conflicts and their resolution, the challenges of nation-building, and the complex impact of transnational forces. The course also aims at enhancing students' ability to analyze complex historical issues, assess historical sources, and to construct lucid and cogent interpretations based on evidence. The discussions, papers, and examinations are designed with this goal in mind. Reading : There are eight scheduled discussion sessions as indicated on the syllabus. Seven books are available in paperback editions in the textbook department of the Student Stores, and copies have also been placed on reserve. In addition, part of the reading assignments for the first and second discussions and the entire reading assignment for the third discussion will be placed on the course website on Blackboard. The assigned books are, in order of assignment: Hersey, John, Hiroshima . Kennedy, Robert F., Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis . Ebadi, Shirin,
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syllabus - History 140 The World since 1945 Fall 2009, MWF...

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