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History 140, Section 007 Fall 2009 Terms for Class on Sept. 4, “World War II and the Start of the Cold War” global balance of power The course of World War Two had a great impact on the global balance of power between Britain, France, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, and the United States. The United Nations The UN was created in 1945 as an international organization that aimed to be more powerful and effective in maintaining international peace than its predecessor, the League of Nations, which was created in 1919 after World War I. Security Council Originally it had a total of 11 members including five permanent members—The United States, the Soviet Union, France, Britain, and China. Today, it has 15 members, including the five permanent members. The Security Council had the authority to decide to intervene in crises that threatened international peace. Any of the permanent members, however, could veto a decision by the Security Council. Poland and Czechoslovakia
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