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History 140, Section 007 Fall 2009 Important Terms for Class on September 11, “The Nuclear Arms Race and the Cuban Missile Crisis” hydrogen bomb The United States tested the first hydrogen bomb in 1952 on the South Pacific island of Eniwetak, and the Soviet Union tested a hydrogen bomb weapon in 1953. B-52 The United States introduced this long-range bomber in 1954. ICBM The Soviet Union tested the first intercontinental ballistic missile in 1957. Sputnik The Soviet Union launched the first satellite, Sputnik, in 1957. SLBM Both the Soviet Union and the United States added submarine-launched ballistic missiles to their nuclear arsenals in the 1960s. the “missile gap” During the presidential election of 1960, the issue of an alleged “missile gap” became important. The Democratic nominee for president, John F. Kennedy, charged that during the past eight years of the Republican administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower the Soviets had surged ahead in long-range missile technology and production to create a “missile gap” with the United States. deterrence
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