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NOTES 8-27-07 - Requires events (war) and (non-war)...

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POLI 150-001 WEEK 2 8/27/07 CURRENT EVENTS: Afghanistan- UN report : produced a record amount of opium/ 45% increase in Helmand Province (Taliban stronghold) Pakistan- military rule since 2000 (General Musharraf)/ Supreme Court rule former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returns/ elections? China- expected to be the world leader in greenhouse gas by end of 2007/ Externalities: acid rain in Korea, smog in LA/ Large manufacturing hold: 2 nd largest in auto manufacturing/ filth in food and lead in toys. NOTES When testing theories, we must pick cases that include variance on both the dependent and independent variables. o Needs more than one case o X and Y variables- where x is present and y is to see both sides.
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Unformatted text preview: Requires events (war) and (non-war) Necessary conditions [not enough] and sufficient conditions [all you need](BDM) Most social science theories are probabilistic o Very few truly necessary or sufficient conditions exist in the social world o Tests of theories could be carried out using different methods: case studies, Large-N (quantitative) analyses. Anarchy (state of nature) the strong do what they can o The sovereign state is the highest level of authority International relations as a self-help system Anarchy Chaos Compare international w/ domestic politics o Legal: compliance Kyana L. Robinson...
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