Classical Age

Classical Age - o At its height Athens had 50,000 citizens...

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Classical Age (continued) Athenian Political system o Greatest example of democracy o Ecclesia (assembly o Citizens men 18 y/o o Council of 500 500 citizens who would choose what to allow to be voted on, and the order in which to do it Not elected, chosen by lot Had to be 30 or over Could not sit 2 years in a row Sit 2 years in a lifetime Chosen like bingo game
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Unformatted text preview: o At its height, Athens had 50,000 citizens o Quorum of 6,000 o Archons 10 men given a task Athenians did not trust human nature, and believed if anyone had a chance to cheat, they will. 10 people will assure that everyone stays honest o Board of ten generals and admirals, not chosen by lottery, elected o Jury system 501 men...
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