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January 26 Church of England For America this is the most important part of the reformation Came about because king Henry VIII, 1509-1547, needed a divorce He was married to Catherine of Aragon Henry needed a son because a civil war would reignite if he didn’t have one None of Henry and Catherine’s sons lived past infancy; had one daughter Henry’s advisors called this “the king’s great matter” o His need to have a son Catherine was the aunt of Charles V of Habsburg o He was the most powerful man in Europe Pope Clement VII, 1523-1534 o Charles threatened the pope if he granted the divorce o Pope kept stalling Henry became infatuated with Anne Boleyn She became pregnant In 1534, Thomas Cranmer, archbishop of Canterbury, grants Henry a divorce without the pope’s permission Act of Supremacy, 1534 o Made Henry the head of the church of England Henry ordered for nothing in the church to be changed Henry took over the wealth of the Church; confiscated all of the Church’s property Calvinism John Calvin, 1509-1564 Institutes of the Christian Religion Ecclesiastical Ordinances Geneva, Switzerland John Calvin, 1509-1564 Presbyterian Church roots are in Calvinism Luther was not a systematic thinker, Calvin was Calvin was trained as a lawyer He created a systematic Protestant theology and church organization Calvin was French, not German His father was a lawyer and he was in the legal wing of the Catholic Church Calvin had a conversion and realized Luther was right
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Church_of_England_and_calvinism - January 26 Church of...

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