1930s - Must be connected to Germany Must be the best soil...

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1930s Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945 Austrian Went to Vienna to attend art school but was rejected o Encouraged to go to Architecture but he did not have a high school diploma In Vienna, encountered anti-semitism Served in WWI for Germany and enjoyed it After war he joined , as a police spy, and was sent to spy on the National German Workers Party (Nazis), to see if they were terrorists He joined the Nazis and quickly became its leader Extreme nationalism\ Mussolini was his hero Arrested 1923 for trying to take over the government in Munich, failed. In jail he writes “Mein Kampf” (My struggle) 1924 o Racist in every sense of the term o Social Darwinist, fit at the top and unfit at the bottom (German at top, tall blue eyed and blonde) Unfit- Jews and Gypsies o Sacred bond between blood and soil Most perfect people were farmers, people who worked the land o Germany is too crowded and too little space (Lebensraum= living space)
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Unformatted text preview: Must be connected to Germany Must be the best soil and farmland in Europe= Ukraine Take it by military force The people there are unfit so they must be eliminated Depression gave Hitler his opportunity o Blamed the depression on the Treaty of Versailles, communists, and Jews o Promised jobs to the people January 1933- became Chancellor constitutionally Hitlers Program Put people to work Rearmament Concentration camps for Enemies of the state 1935 deprived Jews of Citizenship (Nuremburg Laws) November 1938- Kristallnacht o Night of the Broken Glass o Destruction of Jewish shops and synagogues November 1937, told his generals that he planned to conquer Eastern Europe He would begin when the time was right but NLT 1945...
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1930s - Must be connected to Germany Must be the best soil...

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