1989 and After

1989 and After - • August 1989 first non communist prime...

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1989 and After Introduction Revolution of 1989 Between 1989 and 1991, every communist country in Europe abandoned Communism Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 due to economic failure 1989 in Poland Late 1970s: Solidarity o Alliance of workers and intellectuals o 1980, government grants workers right to strike o 1980-1981 strike after strike. The government seemed paralyzed o In December 1981, the Polish army staged a coup and jailed the Solidarity leaders o The solidarity wanted Russian help but they didn’t help By 1986, Polish economy failed o Square parts unavailable o 38 % of industry working 62 % broken down o Housing crisis inflation 1986 Government released Solidarity leaders from jail 1989, talks began with government, Catholic Church, and Solidarity New constitution Elections June 1989 o Solidarity won 99 of 100 seats in Senate
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o Won 260 of 261 seats allowed to contest Solidarity rejected coalition with Communists
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Unformatted text preview: • August 1989, first non- communist prime minister 1989 in Hungary • March 1989 demonstrations • May 2, “Iron Curtain” taken down o East German tourists rushed to Hungary to escape from the west 1989 Elsewhere • November 9: East German government allowed citizens to travel to the west • Berlin Wall falls • Only violent revolution was Romania’s’ in December After 1989 • 2 views of future o Francis Fukuyama “The End of History”- since fall of communism, everyone agrees that the best form of government is democracy with regulated market economy History is over because we have no more ideas to clash over, not necissarily god o Samuel Huntington “Clash of Civilizations”- response to Fukuyama Cold war covered over old hatreds Hatreds would reemerge: religious, ethnic, cultural, tribal Huntington seems to be right so far...
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1989 and After - • August 1989 first non communist prime...

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