Cold War

Cold War - Cold War Origins Declarations of Cold War •...

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Unformatted text preview: Cold War Origins: Declarations of Cold War • March 1946: West Freeze, 1946-1955 • Treatment of Germany o Occupation Allies were too harsh on Germany in WWI with the Versailles treaty After WWII, Germany is occupied militarily Austria is divided up Capitals of both countries are divided into zones of occupation by all 4 powers o Arrest of Nazi leaders Nuremburg trials Any crimes from the lowest Pvt to generals, would be brought to trial o Partition Divided Germany up between the powers • Truman Doctrine March 1947 o Truman declared that the US will help many country that was fighting communism o He aimed at helping Greece • Marshall Plan o The US would invest heavily in the rebuilding of western Europe because he believed that economic prosperity was best defense against communism • West created the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) 1948 • USSR created German Democratic Republic (East Germany) 1949 • 1949, NATO is formed to resist the soviet union • 1950 Korean war o Fought vs. North Koreans and Chinese •...
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Cold War - Cold War Origins Declarations of Cold War •...

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