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wwI (1) - WW1 Origins of WWI Importance of WWI o o o o o...

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3-30-09 WW1 Origins of WWI Importance of WWI o Shaped the 20 th century o Created conditions that lasted to this day o Western Civilization seemed to commit suicide for no reason o Mao of Europe becomes completely different o Facts o War began August 1 1914 o Ended November 11, 1918 o Allies France (1914) Britain, Russia, Serbia, Italy (1915) Romania (1916) USA, Greece (1917) o Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria (1916) o Not like any war before o Trench warfare 400 miles long o Trench Warfare: Dominance of Defensive weapons Artillery
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Machine guns o These weapons were set up in hopes that people would run in front of them; very immobile o Generals still ordered attacks o Astonishing casualties o 9,000,000 killed Mostly troops, not many civilians Origins o Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Bosnia, June 28 th , 1914 Francis Ferdinand was heir to Austrian throne Francis Joseph, 84 years old in 1914, was emperor, since 1848 On a visit to Sarajevo, goodwill trip to generate favor toward the
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