wwI (1) - 3-30-09 WW1 Origins of WWI Importance of WWI o o...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-30-09 WW1 Origins of WWI Importance of WWI o o o o o Facts o o o War began August 1 1914 Ended November 11, 1918 Allies o France (1914) Britain, Russia, Serbia, I taly (1915) Romania (1916) USA, Greece (1917) Shaped the 20th century Created conditions that lasted to this day Western Civilization seemed to commit suicide for no reason Mao of Europe becomes completely different Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria (1916) o o Not like any war before Trench warfare 400 miles long o Trench Warfare: Dominance of Defensive weapons Ar tillery o Machine guns These weapons were set up in hopes that people would run in front of them; very immobile o o o Generals still ordered attacks Astonishing casualties 9,000,000 killed Mostly t roops, not many civilians Origins o Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Bosnia, June 28th , 1914 Francis Ferdinand was heir to Austrian throne Francis Joseph, 84 years old in 1914, was emperor, since 1848 On a visit to Sarajevo, goodwill t r ip to generate favor toward the governor o July Crisis (1914) Austrian government was convinced that Serbia was behind the assassination Serbia had Russia protecting them Austria asked Germany for support in case Russia intervened Germany encouraged Austria to attack Serbia b/c: They didn't think Russia would do anything They must defend their honor Austria declared war on Serbia, July 28th 1914 Russia did do something, they mobilized Germany declared war on Russia Germany's military plans called for an attack on France through Belgium Germany's attack on Belgium brought in Bri tain Long Range Causes o Debate on how war began o o o 1919-1939 Was Germany to blame? 1945- today, Could i t happen again Nationalism Imperialism M ili tarism Big armies, navies, arms races Mi li tary values in civil society o System of alliances Became too r igid o Yellow journalism ...
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wwI (1) - 3-30-09 WW1 Origins of WWI Importance of WWI o o...

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