WWII (2)

WWII (2) - o First attack North Africa and end threat to...

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WWII (2) War in the West December 7, 1941 Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor December 11, 1941 Hitler declared war on USA o American foreign policy led by FDR, believed that Hitler was a profoundly evil and dangerous man o Due to WWI, aggressively neutral o FDR did what he could to help the British (lend lease) o FDR really wanted to fight Hitler o Japanese bombing came as a surprise o Went to Congress for declaration of war on December 8 th on Japan because if he asked for Germany and Japan, he may not have gotten permission from Congress o Germany declared war and he decided to take them out first Conscription is adopted in US, buildup of weapons for war US Strategy in WWII was to invade Europe, but we did not have resources British strategy in WWII was to wear them down
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Unformatted text preview: o First attack North Africa and end threat to Suez Canal o US agrees because it was an opportunity for a warm-up and we didnt have resources to invade Europe yet o In May 1943, Germans and Italians surrender Africa o US now wants France, but Britain said that Italy needed to be taken out o Italy could disrupt shipping lines with planes o Stalin keeps asking FDR for help and FDR was embarrassed because he couldnt o Britain made decisions because they had more stuff in the ETO o By the end of 1943, USA had more stuff so we then make decisions o July 1943, allies invade Sicily o September 1943, Invasion of Italy, soft underbelly of Europe USA finally plans for Invasion of Europe D-Day June 6 1944 and after...
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WWII (2) - o First attack North Africa and end threat to...

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