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Emergence of Organized Labor

Emergence of Organized Labor - 4 American Federation of...

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9/11/08 Emergence of Organized Labor 1. Problems faced by labor organizers a. Immigration i. Population tripling ii. Taking American jobs b. Wages/Working conditions i. Long hours, low pay ii. Many deaths of laborers iii. No job security c. Opposition of government i. Courts unfavorable to unions 2. National Labor Union a. One of the 1 st b. 8 hour days 3. Knights of Labor a. Starts right after civil war by Powderly b. “A pie in the Sky” - want to reform the whole system of labor c. Not realistic d. Formed strikes against union about raises or wage cuts and people started joining e. Organization problems f. Membership of over 700,000 at one point but they were al unskilled i. Would have been more powerful if they were all skilled g. Start losing and dissolve
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Unformatted text preview: 4. American Federation of Labor a. President- Sam Gomper b. Different approach than Knights 9/11/08 c. Bread and butter approach i. Forget about large raises, but smaller ones and not as many hours d. Not all one strike, local strikes e. Only skilled workers f. Worked within the system 5. Left wing labor involvement a. Molly McGuires i. Irish miners who used violence b. International workers of the World i. Violent and tried to destroy capitalism ii. Not a major group iii. Very radical c. Sot Party set up by Debs 6. Labor Violence a. Riots being broken up with violence 7. Why no class warfare a. Change of class in most people...
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Emergence of Organized Labor - 4 American Federation of...

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