New Deal

New Deal - New Deal 1. FDR: Man and Politics a. National...

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Unformatted text preview: New Deal 1. FDR: Man and Politics a. National name b. Has polio and t r ies to overcome it, partially did so c. 1st media president i. Takes advantage of radio and film to integrate it into campaign d. Friendly, smiling, handsome guy e. Liked him so much that i t was an unwrit ten rule that you would not discuss his handicap and not photograph it. f. If new guys did, vet reporters would r ip film out g. FDR's handicap does not become a political downfall h. Also did not use it to get pity votes i. Mi llions did not know he was crippled til after he died i. Eleanor was a good political asset i. Brings people to meet him ii. Gets his name out there j. Pressured into running for governor of New York and wins in 1928 i. Tells that he has enormous appeal to voters b/c he was a democrat in a republican era ii. 28-30, runs for 2nd term k. Mainstream, t raditional guy l. Politician to the core i. Very analytic ii. Flexible m. 1st governor to call a national conference for unemployment i. Tells people that unemployment is a national problem n. Recruited key advisors on various issues, become known as the brains t rust o. Democratic platform in 1932 is conservative p. 2. Elections of 1932 a. FDR wins b. Underscored one weakness of FDR i. He couldn't take a complex issue and make it easy to understand 3. ND Overview a. Emphasis on federal action and government action b. New conservatives will go ballistic about the new deal c. Basic belief in free enterprise d. Lack of any systematic coherent ideology e. 3 R"s i. Relief ii. Recovery iii. Reform f. FDIC g. SEC h. 2 new deals i. 1933-1935 1. Broad support ii. 1935 1. Many elements in business had serious doubts about ND 2. New Deal is not an economic success in terms of restoring the pre 29 level of production and employment 3. 4. ND and Industry a. NRA 5. ND and Labor a. Relief programs b. 6. ND and Farmers 7. ND and Afro-Americans ...
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New Deal - New Deal 1. FDR: Man and Politics a. National...

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