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The US and World war II

The US and World war II - The US and World war I I 1 German...

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The US and World war II 1. German attack on Poland in September 1939 a. Blitzkrieg i. Speed, shock and awe 2. Declarations of war a. Britain and France declare war on Germany 3. Denmark and Norway (April 1940) a. Germany took Denmark in about 45 minutes b. Norway is taken easily c. To block Great Britain from getting to Sweden for their iron 4. Belgium and the Netherlands(May 1940) a. Maginot line i. Line of fixed fortifications that ran along eastern French-German border ii. Blitzkrieg could not get through b. Frances flank c. Dunkirk i. Trapped British and French troops ii. Anyone with a boat went to rescue iii. France falls in 6 weeks FDR’s Anti-Axis Strategy, September 1939- June 1940 1. Anti-German Rhetoric and Diplomacy 2. Tighten relations with Latin America
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a. Declaration of Panama (September 1939) i. 300 mile neutrality zone 3. Aid to the Allies a. 1939 Special session i. Eliminate arms embargo of neutrality laws ii. So Britain could buy arms b. Keeping the allies afloat i. Best way to keep US out of war was to keep them in it ii.
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