US and WWI

US and WWI - US and WWI 1 Background a Cause of war i...

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US and WWI 1. Background a. Cause of war i. Europe divided by hostile armed camps ii. Serbians want to assert themselves iii. Franz Ferdinand assassinated by extreme nationalist iv. Allies- US, UK, Russia, France, Italy v. Trench Warfare vi. Unexpected vii. Wilson wants neutrality in thought and deed in US 1. Mexican leader assassinated by a general and makes himself ruler, Wilson sends troops to destabilize that government, led by Pershing 2. Mexican rebel- Poncho Villa 3. Sends a man named House to talk to both governments in Europe to discuss peace agreements b. US interests i. Factors against American neutrality ii. Financial and commercial interests in Europe. 2. Problems of neutrality a. Friction with Great Britain i. Biggest navy in the world ii. Hunger blockade of germany b. Friction with Central Powers i. Sabotage and spy scare ii. Sub warfare- U-Boats, America believes its unfair iii. Merchant ships could ram subs easily iv. May 1915, british liner, Lusitania sails from New York to GB, secret cargo of munitions= warship , u boat sunk it and scores of Americans died
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1. People outraged, media mania 2. Wilson threatens Germans that he would break diplomatic relations(close embassy, bring citizens back) if it ever happened again 3. Elections of 1916 a. War- central issue i. Democratic slogan- (Wilson) “he kept us out of war” ii. Nobody says lets go to war iii. Wilson is re-elected 1. Mandate to continue neutrality 2. November 1916- 6 months til war 4. Road to War a. Role of public opinion i. Pro Allies ii. Only Pro-German Americans were German Americans and Irish Americans b. Economic ties with allies i. Allies want to buy munitions from America 1. Private manufacturers selling weapons and ammunition 2. Economy booming 3. American banks are loaning them credits c. Perceptions of Germany i. Militaristic ii. The one who violates international law with sub warfare d. Sub warfare i. Many historians believe that without this the US would have stayed out of war ii. The only way to close british supply lines is to stop EVERY ship from coming
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US and WWI - US and WWI 1 Background a Cause of war i...

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