Wines. Lecture 8. Germany and Austria

Wines. Lecture 8. Germany and Austria - Wines: Germany and...

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Unformatted text preview: Wines: Germany and Austria What are the classifications of German and Austrian wines and what flavor differences might one find when comparing them? German: classification similar to that in France- Deutscher Tafelwein = table wine; consumed within Germany, not exported- Deutscher Landwein = similar to regional Vin de Pays wines of France; grapes produced in a larger designated area- Qualitatswein b.A (QbA) = wine of first level quality from a particular region- Qualitatswein mit Pradikat (QbP) = greatest quality wines, which vary depending on the amount of ripeness attained pradikat = level of ripeness attained, which is an indication of the amount of sugar in the grapes at harvest, not the amount of sugar in the finished wine as ripeness increases, fruit characteristics increase, and price increases 6 levels of pradikat (ripeness or sugar content of harvested grape) Kabinett = wines produced from grapes picked several days after those grapes at the QbA level Spatlese = made from grapes harvested 12-14 days after those at the Kabinett level Auslese = made from grape bunches that are selected out; in addition to being late harvest, they are also hand-selected; ready to burst w/sugar Beerenauslese (BA) = berries selected out, refers to those grapes left on the vine longer than Auslese and have become infected with botrytis (a fungus that penetrates into the skin and removes moisture from grape) Eiswein = ice wine, produced from grapes that achieve BA stage, but freeze naturally on the vine; once frozen, they are harvested and crushed while frozen to keep moisture isolated Trockenbeerenauslause (TBA) = dry berries selected out, extremely expensive b/c it takes 1 person an entire day to harvest enough grapes to produce 7-8 bottles of wine Verband Deutscher Pradikatswein (VDP) = association that focuses on wine quality ; proposed three different quality designations- Top level wines or great growths (50hl/ha) = wines produced from very best vineyards and classified according to region- Second level wines (65hl/ha) = w ines from classified sites; only vineyards that impart discernible site specific traits...
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Wines. Lecture 8. Germany and Austria - Wines: Germany and...

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