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ILROB 171 Taylor

ILROB 171 Taylor - • manage people not group •...

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ILR OB 171: Taylor Or how many creative ways are there to make a Big Mac? founder of scientific management principles: 1) human behavior can be made predictable – we can control human behavior 2) time and motion studies – we can routinize activities 3) org need a high level of control and predictability for efficiency 4) management ought to control what workers do obsessed with clockwork maximize division of labor segment all tasks into simple steps measure all work in terms of time and motion prescribe all tasks pay individuals on piece rate
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Unformatted text preview: • manage people, not group • principle of dissocation – skills not dependent on workers • ex: in contrast to Bacharach’s father who was a skilled welder • separation of conception from execution – managers conceive, workers execute • workers are not problem solvers • always do a task by the book • monopoly over knowledge – managers have a monopoly over knowledge • Taylorism is everywhere today – in standardized testing, in McDonalds, etc. • assumes a theory X approach to workers...
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