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Tuition Rising, Chapter 7

Tuition Rising, Chapter 7 - buildings close to their...

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Chapter 7: Staying on the Cutting Edge in Science Deciding to Build a New Research Facility - construction of Duffield Hall deemed a necessity to remain on the “cutting edge” - operating and maintenance costs of $1.6 million (4%) - main idea: because the operating and maintenance costs come from our annual operating budget, $40 million (that could have gone elsewhere) is needed to pay for maintenance expenses (with a 4% is the payout rate) Deciding Where to Build the Facility - off-campus: separates faculty and grad students from conducting research in
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Unformatted text preview: buildings close to their colleagues-engineering quad: limited possibility of future expansion-baseball field: would eliminate green space and create a negative externality (university would need to find another space for a baseball field) Conclusions-main idea: shared governance means a slow process-main idea: the delay in the project’s completion substantially increased costs, which were partly financed through higher tuition...
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