Tuition Rising, Chapter 9

Tuition Rising, Chapter 9 - difference between the two...

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Chapter 9: Tenure and End of Mandatory Retirement - basic goal: protect faculty members’ academic freedom and to allow scholarship on controversial subjects to flourish - abolition only affected major research universities where faculty are so tied to their work that they cannot conceive of leaving - main idea: when faculty continue to draw a salary, flow of new faculty into university is slowed and less money is available to inc the salaries of other continuing faculty - when a senior faculty retires and is replaced by a lower-paid younger faculty, the
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Unformatted text preview: difference between the two salaries can be redistributed to other faculty in the form of salary increases-5 yr delay in ages reduce rate of hiring new faculty by 10%-(1) financial planning-(2) discussions between chairs and faculty-(3) phased retirement prior to age 70-(4) enhance status of emeritus professors-all carrots and no sticks as a result of shared governance in the university...
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