Tuition Rising, Chapter 12

Tuition Rising, Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Internal Transfer...

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Chapter 12: Internal Transfer Prices Accessory Instruction - “tubs” transfer resources based on enrollments across colleges - all transactions occur on an average full-cost basis - statutory credit hour deficit represented 25+% of total credit hours in statutory colleges - Deans had an incentive to reduce the # of credit hours students took outside of school - Ag: FWS, wines class, personal investment class - ILR: OB department - Hotel: FWS, communications, French, economics, OB, HR, employment law - main idea: incentives to create “duplicate” or similar course - not an efficient use of resources from the perspective of the university as a whole - limit on the upper amount Hotel may receive through accessory instruction system - main idea: marginal cost of adding a new 10 student seminar class is far greater than the marginal cost of adding 10 students to a large existing class - why hasn’t the committee’s recommendation been implemented? -
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