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Tuition Rising, Chapter 13

Tuition Rising, Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Enrollment...

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Chapter 13: Enrollment Management Undergraduate Enrollment - easy for administrators to get “hooked” on extra revenue provided by a few added students each year - why is 13,000 > (4)(3,000)? - (1) admit some freshmen in the spring, admit transfer students at the start of sophomore or junior year - (2) 5 year architecture program, students who voluntarily stay for 5 years - (3) 55% of statutory college students must be juniors and seniors to provide opportunities for graduates of two-year colleges to attend Cornell - % in each school affect revenues in each school - no central administrator makes decisions that the implicit transfer of revenue is in the best interests of the university as a whole - problems with expanding enrollments - (1) “dig” deeper into applicant pool - (2) academic credentials of transfer students weaker than those accepted as freshmen, recruiters might worry about a difference in performance
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