Tuition Rising, Chapter 14

Tuition Rising, Chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Information...

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Chapter 14: Information Technology, Libraries, and Distance Learning Information Technology - CPI attempts to account for quality changes - data on tuition rates dos not account for changing quality of products consumed - technology changes have influenced the quality of the produce that the institutions are delivering to students AND increases the costs - estimated expenditures of $80 million a year on IT (8% of total expenditures) - IT administrators have an advantage in the internal battle for scarce funds due to their technical knowledge - IT administrators want the best systems and fail to consider the fiscal reality Libraries - valued by the size of their collection and # of new acquisitions - little incentive to reduce costs by reducing either - libraries want the best, regardless of cost - collection increases by 3% a year and doubles every 24 years - underground facility very costly ( ~ double of an above-ground facility) and cost approximately $500,000 in potential endowment returns - will Cornell be able to maintain rate of library acquisitions? -
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Tuition Rising, Chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Information...

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