Tuition Rising, Chapter 15

Tuition Rising, Chapter 15 - incentive programs-over $2...

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Chapter 15: Parking and Transportation Transportation Demand Management - parking VERY expensive ($600 - $1300 per space per year) - protect “green spaces” on central campus - divided lots into tiers where more desirable spaces are more expensive - developed a RideSharing program among employees - developed an OmniRide program with free bus passes for all employees w/o parking permits - given a small number of daily parking passes and free transportation in the event of emergencies - all additional parking spots that the university projected were eliminated by the
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Unformatted text preview: incentive programs-over $2 million in savings, not counting the environmental benefits Success But Not Happiness-faculty members feels that we do not take account of the value, or opportunity cost, of their time searching for a spot or parking further away from their offices-faculty need to understand why-1.1 permits sold for every parking spot in residential areas, 1.9-2.0 permits sold for every parking spot on central campus...
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