Tuition Rising, Chapter 17

Tuition Rising, Chapter 17 - -three pronged test...

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Chapter 17: Intercollegiate Athletics and Gender Equity NCAA Division I Athletics - builds school spirit - links alumni to university - generates revenue to help support the other varsity sports teams (alumni contributions) - appearances in tournament games increase quality of entering students (Northwestern) - admission standards and graduate rates for athletes are lower - average Division IA institution lost over $80,000 on its athletics program Varsity Athletics in the Ivy League - no scholarships, though some preferential packaging - academic index (composite score based on SAT and class rank) 92-95% of all undergrads - Cornell has the lowest discount rate b/c we cannot afford to look worse! - a greater % of undergrads participate in varsity athletics at Ivies than at Big Ten or ACC schools - many administrators believe that varsity athletics earn more and contribute more Gender Equity - Title IX prohibits discrimination based on gender in programs of educational institutions that receive funding from federal govt
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Unformatted text preview: -three pronged test: opportunities are in “substantial proportion” to the gender mix of the student body a history and continued practice of moving towards substantial compliance interests and abilities of females are fully met by existing set of programs-universities can either increase number of female teams, increase number of females on existing teams, reduce number of male teams, or reduce number of males on teams-evidence for both-given vast size of football and amt of money spent on team, achieving gender equity requires a larger number of female teams than male teams-real financial costs because we have not been able to deeply cut male athletic programs-we want to be the best at everything we do-we face alumni pressure, preventing the elimination of men’s teams-we do not want to face a competitive disadvantage in our quest for students, especially since players enjoy being a member of a team even if they do not receive much playing time...
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