Tuition Rising, Chapter 19

Tuition Rising, Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 Looking to the...

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Chapter 19: Looking to the Future Why Costs Continue to Rise at Selective Private Institutions Costs increases at selective private institutions driven by desire to be the best they can be o Competitive pressures have caused focus on pushing back providing high-quality education to widen to include providing best student living, dining, etc., exacerbating cost pressures o Important to remain in the race / competition, rather than to reduce costs Cost pressures increased by o Actions of the federal government Justice Department’s suit consent decree prevents ivies from meeting to discuss financial need of student dialing for dollars Continual efforts to reduce indirect cost rates associated with sponsored research o Behavior of local governments, shared governance, allocation of resources, growth of publications that rank universities, and how select and reward academic leaders Benefits for students are increasing, not diminishing increase interest increase competition As long as lots of high-quality applicants want to attend, no incentive to hold down costs Only if Yale, Princeton, and Harvard slow down their rate of increase in tuition will the other selective universities be able to (have to) or they will lose the most desired students to them o Slowing down will intensify efforts of institutions to obtain revenue from other sources and campaigns for giving will increase institutions will only become wealthier and wealthier Why Society Should Care Final report of National Commission on the Costs of Higher Education rejected notion of placing controls on the tuition levels that American colleges and universities charge
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  • Fall '07
  • Tax exemption, need-based financial aid, indirect cost rates, selective private institutions, fin aid Richest institutions

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Tuition Rising, Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 Looking to the...

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