Reclaiming the Game

Reclaiming the Game - Reclaiming the Game 1 There has been...

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Reclaiming the Game 1. There has been a widening and a persistent split between academics and athletics at selective private colleges and universities 2. Athletes at these institutions, on average, under perform academically relative to what one would expect them to do, given their admissions characteristics . This underperformance has been increasing over time. Other recruited groups of students, such as musicians, do not exhibit such under performance. 3. Athletes tend to major in different subjects than the class as a whole – they tend to be concentrated in social science and business classes. 4. Admissions preferences for recruited athletes are large and growing and often exceed those given to legacies and underrepresented minority students. 5. These conclusions come from a study of the Ivy League, 11 small selected private colleges, the University Athletic Association (Chicago, Brandeis, Rochester etc.) and make use of data from the class of 1999.
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